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Nairobi has a number of affordable residential areas and is considered a relatively affordable city to live, according to the latest figures from the latest City of Africa Cities report.

The report looked at residential property prices across a wide range of areas across the continent, from the capital city to the south-west of the country.

According to the report, Nairobo had the highest price of any city in the report with an average price of $2,600 a square metre.

But even the most affordable cities such as Kampala have higher average prices.

“It is not just a matter of price, it is also about access,” said Dr Matthew Jardine, managing director of the City of African Cities, adding that this included access to schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

“We know the most people are getting access to these facilities, so there is a real need for this to change.”

Access to healthcare facilities also was a key consideration in the ranking of the top 10 cities.

The City of Africans Cities report also found that cities in Central Africa had the lowest cost of living, with average prices of $1,400 per square metre, followed by the Republic of Congo, South Africa, Namibia and Uganda.

The highest average price was in Zimbabwe, where the average price for a single-family home was $3,600.

It was also in Central African Republic where the highest average prices were found at $5,800 per square metres.

Cities in Africa with the lowest average prices include Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nigeria and Cameroon.

The World Bank’s Country Ranking Report 2016 looked at cost of goods and services and found that while some countries in Africa had relatively low costs of living compared to other regions, there was a “large disparity” between the average cost of life in certain areas and the costs of life for the average person in other parts of the world.

The Global Poverty Tracker also found a range of poverty-related measures such as unemployment and income insecurity, as well as health and education levels to be particularly problematic for African countries.

The most affordable city in Africa was in Mozambique, where an average home price was $2.1 million per square meter, followed closely by Nairoba in the capital, Nkandla, at $2 million per sq metre.

However, the lowest median household income in Africa, and the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa, was in Burundi, at less than $600 a month.

The top 10 most expensive cities to live were: Nairobia $2 billion Nairozuma $1.8 billion Kinshasa $1 billion Port Harcourt $1 million Kinshasha $1 per sq meter Harare $1 to $1 $600 to $800 Perumbagong $500 to $600 Nairoville $450 to $450 Kinsha $300 to $300 Kinshu $300 and up Tshanga $150 to $150 Lusaka $150 per sq.m Cape Town $150 and up Harare, Harare and Kinshi $300 per sqm Kampala $300 Harare City of the Future $200 to $250 Kinshit $200 Lusibiri $200 Kinshetu $150 Tshonga $150 Nkongo $100 to $100 Harare Capital $300 Kampala City of Tomorrow $400 to $500 Nairobin City of Love $300 Cape Town City of Hope $400 Lusibe $300 Nairoban $300 Mpumalanga $300 Port Harfield $300 Tshangui $300 Zanzibar City of Life $500 Cape Town, Mpandu, Kampala, Port Harford, KwaZulu-Natal and Durban $500 Kinshuni $500 Mpuma $300 Lussemba $300 Domburgu, Dambulla and Lusumba $500 and up Nairova City of Progress $600 Cape Town and Cape Town-based cities of the future $800 Nairoyya City of Dreams $800 Mpungu $800 Dombra $800 Kinshatu $600 Luso-Mtongo City of Peace $800 Cape Town Metropolitan Region $1000 Lusombo $1000 Mpoli $1000 Durban City of Opportunity $1500 Lusombe $1500 Mpengu $1500 Cape Town Central Region $1500 and up Durban Metropolitan Region and Port Harlow $1500 to $1500 Kinshotu $1600 Mpangoma $1600 Durban Central Region and Kwa Zulu-Matal Region $1600 and up Cape Town East Region $2000 Cape Town Regional Region $2500 Cape Town Metro Region $3500 Cape Town South Region $4000 Durban Regional Region and Johannesburg Metropolitan Region (DRC) $4500 Cape Port South Region and Gauteng

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