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It’s a question that has vexed London residents for years, with some residents complaining about the lack of a clear image of what’s attractive to them in the city centre.

It’s an issue that has led to the city being dubbed “the most attractive city in the world”, and some Londoners have even launched a campaign to highlight how much the city is changing.

Now, the City of London has released its own report, with the aim of creating an aesthetic map of the residential area, using data from the Office for National Statistics.

The report, which was prepared by architect and designer Peter Aylmer, is based on data from a series of surveys carried out in England and Wales.

The survey is a way of gauging the perceptions of residents of a city and measuring the extent to which people have come to rely on the city for employment, home ownership and the ability to make money.

The first survey of its kind, it was released last week and shows that many London residents believe the city has changed significantly since the 1960s.

The latest survey is based in a number of different areas, with data from three separate surveys conducted between February and April of this year.

In the first survey, the majority of respondents were surveyed in the residential areas in London where they live.

The majority of London residents (55%) said they have had a good or excellent relationship with their council.

Around two thirds (67%) of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the services they have received from the city council, compared to just 10% of those living in the outer boroughs.

These are some of the areas in which London residents were most dissatisfied with the city’s council services.

However, the report does acknowledge that many of the problems the survey identified are not directly linked to the council’s services.

While it’s clear that the majority are unhappy with the way the city services, it’s also clear that many residents feel that the problem lies elsewhere, with many of those being more dissatisfied with how their council services are being run.

The third survey took place in the London area of east London, which is also known as the “south-west”.

In that area, the residents were asked to provide a range of data, including their views on the services provided by the council, the level of service they would like to see, the services offered by their local authority, and the level and quality of the services in their area.

Those in east London were asked about their feelings towards the council and how they feel about its services, and it was clear that most residents feel unsatisfied with their services.

Only around four in ten of those questioned felt satisfied with their service level.

The next survey was conducted in the areas of north-west London and south-east London, where there is less of a focus on the council.

However those areas are also heavily populated with people who have lived in the area for some time.

It is in those areas where residents were given a range a range options on how they would be dissatisfied with their local government.

Some residents of the south-west felt that they were treated fairly, with just two in ten (20%) feeling satisfied with how the council services in the region.

Many residents of north London felt that their council was fair, but one in four (28%) felt they were not treated fairly.

Meanwhile, residents of east and south London were given the option of either being satisfied or dissatisfied with what their council offers.

Those living in east and north London were more likely to choose unsatisfied, with more than a quarter (27%) choosing unsatisfied.

While those living on the east and west coasts of England feel more satisfied with London council services, many residents of London in the north and east are not satisfied with it.

In addition to the survey data, the Office of National Statistics released its 2017 Housing Needs Survey, which analysed the population density in the cities of London and the north-east, and showed that London has the lowest population density of any city in Europe.

While London may be home to a growing number of people, the fact that many people are still finding it difficult to find affordable housing means that the city faces a significant housing shortage.

This has led many Londoners to take up the campaign to raise the issue, with an ongoing petition, which currently has over 10,000 signatures.

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