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This article originally appeared on News24.

More stories from the same category:Cambridge residential residents have found it hard to get fleas off their windows, doors and mattresses.

They’re worried they’re not getting the care they need.

According to the City of Cambridge, there are more than 200,000 fleas living in the city.

Residents say they’ve had to put up with a variety of diseases including ear, nose and throat, skin, mouth and throat.

The city said that although fleas have spread from the country to the UK, it’s not known why they have started to migrate.

The city is aware of the risk that some residents are taking to themselves and to other residents and their properties.””

This is the first time that the City has seen an outbreak this large in a residential area in the UK.”

The city is aware of the risk that some residents are taking to themselves and to other residents and their properties.

“Residents who experience a possible outbreak are encouraged to contact their local health authority for advice and advice on how to reduce their risk.”

This is a public health emergency and all affected residents should seek immediate advice from their health authority.

“Cambridge resident Emma Williams said the city was doing a great job in controlling the spread of the disease.”

I was shocked to see people coming and going all day and it’s been hard for me to find my bed, I’ve had bedbugs for a while,” she said.”

We have had to change our sleeping arrangements and change where I live because of it.

“If I have to move house to a different place I will definitely go to bed with the bedbug problem, but the council will be here to help us with that.”

Hopefully, it won’t last long, but it will be very annoying for me and other people living in our area.

“It is not good for the health of the community.”

So I will try and stay home until the pandemic ends.

“The city has issued an urgent call for information and advice about preventing fleas and ticks from getting onto mattresses and other furniture.

Residents who have had their mattresses or furniture infected should call the council on 0161-823-2345.

Residents can also contact their GP for advice about getting rid of the fleas.

A total of 30,000 mattresses in the Cambridge city centre have been tested.

A total of 20 mattresses are believed to have been infected, and the council said that it would have to re-assess its policies.

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