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Mumbai to build the world’s first apartment building on the outskirts of the capital, where residents of the sprawling residential area of Juhurpuri will have the first chance to live in the first apartment in the area, a senior official said.

Mumbai plans to build an apartment complex called “Juhu House” on the edge of the densely populated residential area and a “Johul House” at the other end.

The Juhus, who number nearly 10 lakh, have been living in a sprawling, largely empty area for over three decades.

The area is home to more than 40,000 people, and the residential area is estimated to be home to some 3.4 million people.

Apart from the housing for Juhumis, the proposed apartment complex will include two floors, an underground parking garage, a residential unit and a communal courtyard.

It will also have a residential guest house.

The project will include more than 400 apartments, which will be spread across four floors, which are expected to cost Rs 5 crore.

“The apartments are being designed by the Mumbai-based architect Dinesh Jain, who is well known for his residential projects in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The design will be completed by February 2019, and we are going to make the first phase of the project in Jhupur in March 2019,” Jain told reporters.

He said that the building is to be completed within five years.

Jain has designed several residential buildings in Mumbai, and is the architect of “Jhupura House” in Chinchwad, which is a former industrial area in Mumbai.

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