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A few years ago, an expert panel of experts from the UK’s National Audit Office issued a report on how government codes work.

The report, Building Codes: The Truth About What We Can, Shouldn’t and Can’t Do, warned that building codes were too complex and required too much time and effort to set up and enforce.

They warned that they had the potential to “lead to unintended consequences” and said that the system was “not fit for purpose”.

But today, a number of cities across the UK have introduced new codes.

The government has announced new rules that are more “flexible and adaptable” to suit local circumstances.

Here’s what you need to know about how the government’s new codes work in practice. 

What is the code? 

A building code is a set of requirements that must be met by a building to be built.

The codes must also apply to the surrounding area, including: Where the building is to be used; What will be required of tenants when the building opens; How the building will be built; And how it will be monitored. 

The codes also specify what types of building are allowed, and the level of regulation required to ensure that the buildings are safe, well-ventilated and fit for the purposes of the building’s use.

Why are we talking about building codes now? 

In 2013, the government introduced the Building and Housing Act, which was designed to bring the building industry together and give local councils more powers to manage their buildings.

This was a “solution to a problem” for the industry, the Government said at the time.

But the act also introduced a number other measures to make it easier for the building sector to manage building sites, including new rules to require new buildings to be inspected and maintained every three years and a new requirement for new buildings on the National Housing Strategy.

What about building designs? 

Some local authorities have introduced building designs which are designed to be as compliant with the new building codes as possible, but others are still working to find a compromise between building codes and the needs of their residents. 

Is there a difference between a building design and a building code?


Both are set of regulations that apply to a building, and are part of a building’s design.

The difference is that a building will need to comply with all of the codes and regulations if it is to meet its purpose in life.

In this way, a building can be designed to comply well with a code and still be safe for use. 

How do I get a building license? 

You can apply for a building licence online or by mail to your local council. 

You must be 18 years or over and you must show that you can pay for the cost of the licence.

A building licence is free to anyone over the age of 16, and there are a range of ways to get one. 

When does a building application for a licence to construct a building open? 

There are several times when a building is considered for building permission to construct. 

Where can I get more information about building design? 

The Building and Planning Act 2003 provides information about the different types of buildings permitted to be constructed in England and Wales.

You can find out more about building standards, building design, the licensing process and how building owners and tenants can apply to apply for building licences.

What happens if a building does not meet all the codes in place? 

If a building meets all the building codes, but is not fit for use, you may be able to apply to have it closed, or to be given an order to close it, or you may have to be removed from the building.

You will need: a court order to be granted; an order from a housing authority to close the building; a building inspector to ensure the building complies with building standards; and a decision from the housing authority or building inspector that the building does need to be closed.

How do I apply for planning permission? 

To apply for permission to build, you need a planning permission form.

The form is available from the Housing and Community Housing Agency, and can be obtained from your local housing authority.

The housing authority will be able give you details of the planning permission, which you can apply. 

Do you have a building permit or licence to sell? 

Yes, but the rules for building permits are different to those for building designs. 

Why are buildings being constructed on land that isn’t public land? 

Land owned by the government for development purposes is usually owned by councils and local authorities.

The land is generally owned for development and it is generally not publicly accessible.

Some of the land used in the development process, such as the National Grid, is also owned by local authorities for the use of the National Electricity Market. 

If you are building on public land, you must use a building

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