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The latest in the saga of a Muslim community that has been beset by violence, discrimination and threats since 2008, when a Hindu group took up arms against the state government to stop it from issuing tickets to Muslims.

A new report says the violence is worsening and the government has a “poor track record” of protecting minorities from attacks.

In the years since, the Muslim community has become a target for attacks from all sides, as they try to maintain their traditional identity and cultural practices in the state, where Hindus dominate the state.

Here are some of the main points in the report: Muslims in Gujarat have been subject to violent attacks by right-wing extremists, which the state has struggled to contain.

The violence against Muslims, especially in Gujarat, has worsened since 2008 when a Muslim group began to take up arms in a bid to protect their traditional ways of life.

The report, titled “The State of Gujarat: The Untold Story,” says that after the state’s Supreme Court ordered the registration of more than 300,000 fake IDs of Muslim residents, Muslims were not only denied the right to vote but were also denied the option of registering as members of any political party.

This prompted thousands of Muslims to register as independent voters.

As of November, the state had a population of more then 12 million, of whom more than 1.8 million were Muslims.

The police also failed to respond to a rash of murders of Muslim men by a group of right-winger Hindu vigilantes.

In October, the Supreme Court said the police and the state would have to take the matter to the High Court if they did not act.

This resulted in a crackdown that has killed more than 150 Muslims and displaced more than 2 million people, including many children, since October, when mobs of Hindu extremists started targeting Muslims in the central state.

The Muslim community, however, has suffered much more.

The group said that police officers are reluctant to respond even after reports that a woman had been sexually assaulted by a Muslim in a park in Ahmedabad.

“The police do not respond even when we make complaints or when we lodge complaints with the state police station,” said a Muslim activist, who did not want to be named because he feared retribution from Hindu groups.

The Hindu activists also say that the state security forces have failed to act on the concerns of their Muslim community.

The state government is supposed to provide police protection for Muslims, but police officers have complained that they are not being paid enough and have not received proper training, the report said.

The chief minister has promised to implement the recommendations of the report, which also urges him to ensure that the security forces carry out raids on places of worship and enforce an emergency curfew.

However, the government, which is under scrutiny for failing to respond in the aftermath of the 2008 riots, has not responded to the report’s recommendations, according to the Indian Express newspaper.

“We have to stop treating the Muslims as second-class citizens,” said Anupam Chatterjee, a Hindu activist and a member of the Muslim Council of India, a civil society group.

“Why do they get preferential treatment?

It is the law of the land.

The government has to do something.”

The report says that the government is taking measures to improve the situation of the minority community, including through a ban on the use of mobile phones and banning certain religious activities in the Muslim majority areas of Gujarat.

But the report does not say how this will be done, or what the government plans to do to address the issue of violence against the community.

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