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A new map app has been designed to make it easier to find out where people live.

The free map application called GetHome, is being made available to download from Google Play, but there’s more to it than that.

The app allows users to choose a city, state, county, or city and county, then check off an item from a list of criteria such as cost, housing type, income, or other factors.

The information is then displayed on the map, showing a total cost for a home, and you can click on that item to see the amount of money you would need to pay for the house.

You can then click the blue icon to go to the property you would like to buy.

The list of properties can then be expanded to include other areas within the city, and the app even allows you to create your own neighborhoods. 

GetHome is one of many apps being rolled out for Android in an effort to make the Google maps experience more accessible to a wider audience.

It’s not the first app to offer an interface for Google Maps to show you a city or state or county. 

Google recently added a similar interface to its map app for the iOS platform, allowing users to zoom in on individual cities and states.

It has been available for iOS since March, and a similar app for Android is expected to launch later this year.

Google Maps users can also see how much money they would need in a city by clicking on the green checkmark icon.

GetHome is the latest app to add an interface that is more flexible and customizable than its competitors, including Google’s own Street View, which has previously only been available on desktop and mobile.

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