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The city has been on the map for its diversity, but it’s also seen in many other ways. 

It’s home to some of the most densely populated cities in the world, and its residents live their lives surrounded by nature and people that are more than just their daily bread-and-butter. 

The city is also home to many famous landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, the Tajmargh, the Shard, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Temple, the Great Wall of China, the World Trade Center, the Burj Khalifa, the Ganga and more. 

Here are some things you might not know about Mumbai.1.

Mumbai is a city of the future. 

Despite being the third largest city in India, Mumbai is not going to be the hub of development for the foreseeable future.

However, there are some big plans in the works that could change that.2.

There are plenty of things to do in Mumbai. 

There are so many things to see, do and do in this city that we couldn’t list them all. 

But here are some of our favourites: Mumbai is home to the world-famous Grand Mosque and the Grand Opera House, which has become a tourist destination in the city. 

You can also find an abundance of restaurants, bars and cafes that cater to a wide range of tastes. 

Even the most discerning eater can find something to do with their time in Mumbai: The Art of Eating is one of Mumbai’s most popular restaurants, serving a full menu of traditional Indian cuisine that’s fresh, tasty and made with love. 

Mall of India, a shopping mall that has been transformed into a bustling market, is a popular destination for shoppers. 

Most people also flock to the bustling area of the World Heritage Centre, which houses a wide variety of historic buildings and monuments. 

 You also have the beautiful, green spaces of the city, like the Taj Mohalla, which is home in the Taj Marandi Park. 


Mumbai has a rich history. 

In Mumbai, you’ll find some of history’s most colourful characters, including famous characters like Sultan Murad, Shah Jahan, Emperor Shivaji, Prince Sushil, King Shri Jagannath, Lord Krishna and many more.

Mumbai also has a proud history of being home to Hinduism, and there are numerous temples and shrines that have been built for this purpose. 


There is a plethora of culture and art to be found in Mumbai… and you can find them all around the city! 

One of the great attractions in Mumbai is the iconic, five-star-rated Taj Mahals. 

With a stunning array of sculptures and frescoes, you can see how the city’s history has continued to be intertwined with modern life. 


There’s a lot to do here in Mumbai, but you should definitely try to plan ahead. 

Plan your visit to Mumbai before you travel. 

Traveling to Mumbai on a weeknight is not an option if you’re coming off a busy weekend. 

Your best bet for getting a feel for the city is to visit the metro system on a weekday and catch a train to the heart of Mumbai.

There, you will be able to explore a wide array of locations, including many tourist spots, and also the metro station. 


There aren’t too many things in Mumbai that are worth your time. 

Whether you’re planning a business trip or just visiting, it’s best to take the time to explore the city before you arrive. 


The city is filled with art. 

Some of Mumbai is home only to art, with its many art galleries, galleries and museums that are not only renowned for their unique works of art, but also the people who create them. 

For example, the National Gallery of Art in Mumbai houses a collection of more than 200 pieces of art and is also the home of the Royal Art School. 


Mumbai’s people are friendly and welcoming. 

When it comes to hospitality, Mumbai has an unwavering reputation for being hospitable, welcoming and friendly. 


A new era of tourism is underway in Mumbai! 

Newly opened Mumbai-Mumbai Railway (MMR) is the country’s first line of passenger service. 

It will bring people from all over India to Mumbai for a journey that will take just over an hour, which means you can relax and enjoy Mumbai’s vibrant nightlife during your stay. 


While Mumbai is one great city, it has many more great places to visit. 

Explore the beautiful city’s parks and gardens, and take in its nightlife. 

Take a tour of the Grand Mosque, which hosts one of the world’s most prestigious religious ceremonies, the Eid Al Fitr (the Feast of Sacrifice) on the second Friday of each month. 

11. If you

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