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It is a question that has puzzled many Chinese students studying in the United States.

The students, many of whom were studying in China for a short time in college, are asked by an English teacher if they have ever seen any posts on the Chinese social network, QQ. 

The QQ posts are the most frequently-viewed posts on Chinese media, with more than 90 percent of those seen being about entertainment.

Some of the posts that are most frequently posted on QQ include videos, pictures, articles and commentary.QQ is not just a place for people to discuss and post about China and entertainment.

There is a big following for the platform on social media, and QQ has a dedicated fan base, as well as an active community of more than 3.8 million users.

“In a lot of ways, it’s a lot like Facebook, because you have a lot more people and a lot less filtering,” said Chris Piazza, a senior lecturer in the Chinese language and culture at American University. 

One of the things Piazzas biggest concerns about the Chinese version of QQ is how it operates.

He said that it often seems like QQ can become more of a “community” than a social media platform.

“People who are just going to post whatever they want and not have any thought of whether that will be a good idea or not,” Piazzi said.

“What I really like about QQ’s community is that they are kind of like a community.

You can see a lot that’s shared on the platform is very personal.

There’s a great deal of emotional energy there.”

While QQ and its platform have created a lot for the American students, the Chinese versions of the QQ are not necessarily as well-behaved, Piazzo said.

“The Qs and the Qs are more like a social network than a place to be on a personal level.”

According to PiaZZA, he feels that the Chinese QQ community is more focused on “being like their fans,” rather than their peers.

“It’s more like the kids who come to a game to watch the game, instead of their friends, or their peers,” PIAZZA said.

The Chinese version is also less popular than the English version, as QQ users often leave comments and ask questions about their experience on the site, said PiaZa.

In his opinion, the differences in Chinese and English are not only superficial.

“You can talk about it, you can read about it and you can talk to people on the Q and Qs,” Piaczas advice.

“It’s not really about what you know in English, it is more about the fact that they feel like they can communicate to other people, and that they can connect to other countries.” 

But what about the difference between the English QQ app and the Chinese one?

The app does have a feature called “Follow Me” that is a tool to help users find posts that match their interests.

The feature does allow users to see the content that other users have shared.

“So it is similar to the way we find news or other things in the world,” Pianzza said. 

But when asked if he feels QQ could have been better, Pianzzi said he did not know, adding that the “best answer is that we haven’t been as active.”

He added that he thinks that QQ does have some positives to offer.

“The main thing I see is that the Q is a place where we can have conversations, where we have debates, and where we learn,” he said.

While Piazi said he is “happy” with the English app, he said that the fact remains that the two platforms are different.”QQ doesn’t just have a very good user experience,” Piozza said, “it has also a very different social experience.” 

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, more than 60 percent of Chinese students use the Q app, compared to just 17 percent of the American version.

The QQ was also the most popular platform among students from the Chinese minority in the 2016 Chinese student survey. 

According a report by the New York Times, China has about 20 million Chinese students, with some of them living in the U.S. and many coming from the mainland. 

Although there is a good balance between the Chinese and the English versions of Q, there is one thing that is common across the two versions of Chinese Q, according to Pianzzas study. 

“In China, you have very few English-speaking parents,” Pialzzi said, adding “there are some who do speak English, but they’re very shy, they are afraid of their kids, and they don’t really want to spend any time with them.

They can only speak English to their parents.” 

However, Piaczu said that he feels a positive

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