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The latest iteration of the Macau Residential Area Act of 2017 has been approved by the state legislature, allowing landlords to apply for a permit to use a property for residential purposes.

The new law also requires all properties in the area to be registered, as well as required residents to have a permit, and has also been amended to allow the owner to apply to a local government to buy the property for redevelopment.

This comes after the Landlord-Tenant Board last month decided to extend the lease of an apartment in the high-rise development in the city for another five years, as part of a broader plan to increase housing supply.

The bill, which passed the legislature in November and now needs to be signed by the President of the Republic, has sparked a debate on the legality of allowing landlords and residents to use their own properties for residential use.

“This is a very bad idea, and I’m sure it will cause some real problems,” Macau resident Kieren O’Sullivan told the local press.

“There are too many properties that are not really appropriate for people who are not qualified to be in them.”

According to a spokesperson for the Landlords’ Association of Macau, there are around 3,000 properties in Macau currently rented out as a residential property.

While the Landholders Association of the United States did not respond to questions from the ABC about whether this new law would affect them, they do warn that there is a “significant risk” of “unjustified” increases in the value of their property if they are allowed to do so.

“The law in Macao prohibits landlords from using their own land for commercial purposes,” said the spokesperson, who added that it is “illegal” to rent a property to a tenant or other occupier.

With this law, Macau is one of a number of cities in China where a residential area has been granted to landlords who have built and occupied their homes for years and years.

In the wake of the Landers’ Association’s announcement, the Macao government has responded to the growing concern over the impact of the law on housing.

According the website, the new law is aimed at ensuring that residents can be allowed to remain in their own homes while their landlord is out of town.

A spokesperson for Macau Housing and Development Department told the ABC that there are currently about 10,000 apartments in Maca in which a landlord has been allowed to rent out the land, and that this has been done by a process known as “land leasing”, whereby the landlord has a lease with the property and can extend the time it is under the lease.

It also said that the law will ensure that residents of Maca have access to a range of services such as social services and health care.

However, the law does not go far enough, with the Landlobby group for Macao’s residents arguing that the measure does not allow the residents to be “guaranteed a home”.

“If you are a resident in a property, you cannot be guaranteed that your property will be occupied for at least five years,” the group said.

“The new law will allow landlords to lease for longer periods of time, and allow them to buy out their properties.

This is contrary to the spirit of the act, which guarantees that no one shall be forced to live in a place that is not their own.”

“In Macao, a person can be required to live at a property if there is no other reasonable alternative to living in that place,” the spokesperson continued.

“This is called ‘consent’.”

The new legislation does not ensure that the landlords can get a land lease extension, nor does it guarantee that they will not be able to purchase their property.

“The Landlords Association of China, a group representing over 7,000 local landlords, has been calling for the repeal of the new Macau legislation.

They have also said they are opposed to the law’s “lax rules”, which could see landlords forced to sell their property without having to pay compensation.

Macau Housing Minister Wang Yuqiang has said the law is in line with Macao Housing and Urban Development Department guidelines.

He said: “The land leasing and other measures in this law are in line, but we will not allow it to become a problem.”

As of now, there is not a problem.”

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