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The NFL is making a last-minute move to make sure all players on the active roster get the concussion protocol as part of their settlement.

The league said Wednesday that it is ending its concussion protocol implementation process for all players and will be making its recommendations in late December.

It will likely have a final recommendation in late February, league sources said.

Players have been notified they are eligible for the protocol, which was introduced last year as a way to prevent concussions in the NFL.

The protocol includes a baseline testing, followed by a 12-week program that will require testing for symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, as well as additional tests for brain inflammation, such of inflammation related to head trauma.

Players will also undergo two weeks of physical therapy and then three months of rest, according to the NFL’s concussion policy.

Players will also be required to complete a two-week protocol for a concussion, a process that may include a physical therapy course and other follow-up visits.

Players with no symptoms can still be eligible for treatment and are required to submit a doctor’s note.

Players can also be given an exemption from the protocol if they are diagnosed with a concussion.

Players who are diagnosed as having a concussion must complete a medical test to be eligible.

A full-time NFL player is considered a professional athlete, which includes playing on the field, in the weight room, or as a team trainer.

Players are also required to follow concussion protocol guidelines for all team activities, such the team’s practice schedule, training, and meetings.

The policy is designed to help protect players from head trauma in the event of a game, according the NFL Players Association.

The NFLPA also has proposed eliminating the protocol entirely.

The league has said that it will not change the concussion protocols for its other 29 teams.

The NFLPA said in a statement Wednesday that the league was taking a hard look at its concussion policies, noting that it had received several comments from former players and former players’ families regarding the protocols.

The players’ association said it has been in contact with the NFL about the proposed policy change, and the league has not yet made a decision.

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