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The most vulnerable areas of India are in the northern states of Assam, West Bengal and Odisha, according to a new report from the UN Human Rights Council.

Kajang, one of the poorest areas of Odisha is considered by the Council to be one of India’s most dangerous regions, with almost 20% of people living in extreme poverty, the report says.

A number of key communities are also severely affected by the drought and lack of water.

The report says that the number of cases of diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia in Kajange has risen by 60% since January, with over 1,500 cases reported in the last three months.

The most deadly diseases are tuberculosis, measles, pneumonia and cholera.

In Kajanga, the most vulnerable population, the drought has affected the communities most vulnerable to the disease.

Nearly 40% of the people in Kijang- Patna area are living in poverty, and nearly 60% of households are without electricity, water or sewerage facilities.

This is one of those areas where you can’t get a job, and that’s where the water supply is the issue.

A majority of the residents in Karkhe in Odisha are working in informal or migrant labour.

The report says the situation is particularly dire in the drought-hit areas of West Bengal, where more than 1,100 people died in February alone due to water shortages.

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