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The city of Pakistan’s capital, Karachi, has a population of some 40 million.

That is nearly 1,000 times the size of India’s Mumbai.

The city has a high degree of urban sprawl and high density of poverty, especially in the suburbs, where people are living in cars, flats, and on the street.

That has resulted in the phenomenon of “urban sprawl,” where people live in cars and homes.

And while there are plenty of reasons why Karachi has sprawl, one of them is that its urban sprawls are concentrated in its suburbs.

A study conducted by the National University of Singapore, which examined data from 2005 to 2011, found that in urban areas, the density of households increased from 1.6 per square kilometer in 2005 to 2.8 per square km in 2011.

In urban areas in Karachi, the densities are 4.4 per square kilometers and 5.5 per square meters.

A further study by the same researchers found that urban sprawling in Pakistan had increased from 8.1 to 15.3 percent.

But despite this, urban sprawled people are not getting more affordable housing.

The National University found that while the density increased from 2005 levels, the number of subsidized affordable housing units in Karachi remained the same between 2005 and 2011.

The Urban Sprawl Index, a ranking of urban areas by the World Bank, found Karachi to be the most urbanised of all Pakistan’s provinces, with an urban spanned density of more than 30 percent.

There are several ways to explain why Karachi’s density is so high.

One of the biggest reasons is that in recent years, Pakistan’s population has grown and the amount of land available to develop has increased.

But because the land is now scarce, there is no housing to develop it.

“In terms of land, Karachi is the most densely populated place in the world.

The total area of land used in the construction of Pakistan is about 80 million hectares,” says Arif Ahsan, an economist at the Karachi Economic Development Authority.

“That’s over 20 percent of the land in Pakistan.

So, it’s a big issue of housing, urbanization and land development.”

Ahsan says that the country’s population is now at its highest level since the country started taking stock of its population.

And because of this, the city has the most housing in the country, too.

He says that about 15 percent of Pakistanis live in houses.

“But if you look at the urban area, it is more like 60 percent.

So it is a very poor urban area,” he says.

The high density and poor urbanization have led to a number of challenges for Karachi.

For one, the population has increased dramatically.

The population increased from an estimated 1.3 million people in 2005 (compared to 1.2 million in 2000) to about 5.6 million people now.

And the increase in population is not limited to Karachi.

Many cities have seen a dramatic increase in their population as well.

The number of people living in the metropolitan area in Pakistan has risen from 5.1 million in 2005, to 9.3 billion in 2011, according to the National Statistical Survey (NSS), which is one of the main sources of data about Pakistan’s demographics.

That’s an increase of almost 1.8 billion people, or 1.25 percent.

And according to statistics from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), there are more than 7 million people living without adequate housing.

According to Ahsan and other experts, it has not been easy for Karachi to manage these rapid changes.

“The population growth has affected the infrastructure and the economy.

We have had a very rapid population growth, and the population of Karachi is growing faster than other cities in the region,” says Ahsan.

“This has affected infrastructure and housing.

So now we have to deal with the housing problems as well as the infrastructure problems,” he adds.

The housing crisis is a problem that affects not just Karachi but other cities and towns in Pakistan as well, says Akbar Khilani, an expert on urban development and population.

“When you see how people are moving, and how much land they are using, it affects their livelihood,” he explains.

“And that means a lot of people are affected.”

For instance, the Sindh province has experienced a rapid population increase over the past decade.

Sindh has more than 6.2 billion people and the number is increasing by 10 percent every year.

As a result, Sindh’s housing problems have worsened.

In Karachi, there are some 3.6 billion people in the area and the density is increasing, according the Urban Sprawling Index.

In fact, the index found that Karachi is now the most dense urban area in the whole country.

The new urban sprewer has also affected the lives of people in Karachi’s poor districts.

“They are not receiving adequate housing

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