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In a country where the size of a house can be as big as a football pitch, residents are often faced with a housing shortage.

But what can residents expect to see when they move in?

The answer, according to ZURICH RESIDENTIAL AREA RESIDENTAGERS (ZRARE) association, is that they won’t be getting a house.

They will just be moving into a larger building.

“What we’ve done is we’ve got an application for the government to build more residential area so that they can expand and the public are better informed about the project,” ZRARE President and CEO Dr David Wertz told

He said the government has been receptive to the idea.

“[They]’ve said that we’re a very big project.

We’re a new building.

They’ve said they’re open to the public comment period and that’s been great.”

The project is coming from the people, it’s a community initiative, it’ll be a lot of people and it’s coming from our members and we’re excited about that.

“Dr Wertsz said that in order for the project to be successful, it needed to be funded by local communities.

While the majority of the residents will be housed in a single-family home, Dr Werttz said the idea is to help build a community that will support them, particularly as there is no residential housing available in the area.

The proposal also includes a plan to develop an affordable housing component.

Dr ZRIVE said that while the proposal was not a perfect solution, he believes the plan is a start.

For Dr Wirtz, the main benefit of the proposed development is that the residents would have access to a wider range of services and amenities.

And, he said, the residential areas would help create a better quality of life for the residents.

It’s a great idea, Dr ZRive said, but the real challenge is ensuring that the area is actually designed and built in a way that supports the residents and helps them to enjoy their lifestyle.

In the meantime, DrWerts, Dr Eichner and other residents are hoping the government will take a more inclusive approach to the residential area proposal.

There are many other proposals on the drawing board, including the creation of community parks and recreation areas and the redevelopment of a shopping mall.

Auckland University’s Dr Eisner said the housing shortage in Japan was not unique to Tokyo.

In a country with a population of almost 20 million, a large portion of the population lives in smaller housing areas.

But while that’s not unusual, DrEisner noted that the problems in Tokyo were not as dire as they were in the US and Australia.

One of the biggest issues was the lack of affordable housing, he added.

Tokyo has over 800,000 single-room occupancy buildings, and a further 1.6 million two-room apartments.

As the number of residents increases, the shortage of affordable rental housing will only increase.

With more people moving into the area, the need for affordable housing will increase.

Dr Eisners main concern is that if the project is approved, then it will create a shortage of rental housing for some residents.

Dr Wernerts hope the government listens to the community and the needs of the new residents.”

We’re trying to get people who want to live in our area to be part of the community, but also provide the services and facilities that they’re seeking.

That will be the main goal.

“As for the future of the residential housing in the proposed project, Dr Kato said that the future would be determined by the development itself.”

If they get approved, the next step will be what happens in the future.

But we’re hoping that by the time they get built, they’ll be the standard in Tokyo,” Dr Katos said.

She said that once construction starts, the first residents would move into the development as well.


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