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A new study has found that the most dangerous place to be a person in Adelaide is not in the city centre, but on the outskirts of town.

Key points:The report from the Centre for Urban Health and Environmental Research (CUEHR) found that more than 60 per cent of residential areas were unsafeThe study found the most common risk factor for death among those who lived in residential areas was a heart attack, stroke or a combination of those conditionsThe research also found the average age of people living in residential properties was higher than the national average.

It found that, for the average adult, the safest place to live was the outskirts, while the most risky was the city.

The study by CUEHR found the median age of residents was 62.

It also found that one in four people aged 55 and above had heart conditions.

The research found that in 2014, about 2.4 per cent more people died in the residential areas than the rest of Adelaide, with nearly half of all those deaths occurring in the outskirts.

The report found that while the average household income in residential homes was $53,400 in 2014-15, the median household income was $45,600.CUEH found that nearly half the people who died in residential communities lived in the centre, while almost one in three lived in a residential area.

It said one in 10 residents lived in areas that were classified as high risk, with about 15 per cent living in areas of high risk in 2014.

The majority of those living in these areas had a low income, but it is unknown how many had low incomes in 2015.

The authors of the report said the research showed that, while residents had a lot to lose if they chose to move to areas outside of the CBD, they should also remember the health risks that came with moving to a community with less access to health services.

“Residents of residential properties, particularly those living at or below the median income level, are particularly vulnerable to developing adverse health outcomes from living in urban areas, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and certain chronic conditions,” the report states.

“We also found high-risk residents living in low-income areas of the city were more likely to have a low socioeconomic status, lower education levels, and to be employed at lower rates than those living on higher incomes.”‘

Cultural and cultural differences’It is not known how many of those who live in residential sites have health conditions, but CUEH’s research found the majority of people had a history of experiencing health issues.

CueH found a majority of residents were not exposed to any major health problems while living in the community.

The survey found that people with chronic health conditions were at significantly higher risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions than people with non-existing conditions.CUES report found the vast majority of Adelaide residents had no health conditions compared to those who were older, male, or more educated.

The findings are based on a nationwide survey of more than 12,000 people who were asked about their health in the context of living in an urban area.

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