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The most popular destinations for Tokyo’s new residents in 2018 will be in Tokyo’s high-density residential areas and the urban cores of the city, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The government has released data showing how many people live in each of these areas in 2018.

The data shows that the densest areas of Tokyo are concentrated in the city’s core, with around 1,000 people living in each.

That’s an increase from last year’s figures of 1,084 people in Tokyo-based suburbs.

There are more than 2.2 million people living at these locations in Tokyo alone, according the data.

The high-rises of Tokyo’s metro area also have the highest concentration of people in each area, with 1,061 people in high-rise areas, or about 8 percent of Tokyo.

In contrast, the city centers of the country’s most populous metropolitan areas, like Tokyo and Osaka, have around 450 people per square kilometer, or less than 1 percent of the population.

The city has around 7.3 million people, or 10 percent of Japan’s population.

This data also shows that Tokyo has one of the lowest concentration of households living in residential areas compared to other large cities.

The data shows how many households live in residential neighborhoods in Tokyo, but it doesn’t include people living alone in one-person dwellings.

Tokyo’s residential areas are home to over one million people.

The urban cores are also home to around half of Tokyo residents, and the government has found that people who live in these areas have higher incomes than the average resident.

The numbers also show that Tokyo residents spend more time outside of work and more time in their homes than people in other major cities.

The city has one city-wide data center, the Yokohama Data Center, which contains the citywide population and the population of each area.

These areas have an average of 9.6 million residents, or 9.4 percent of total residents.

This means that Tokyo’s population is one of its smallest.

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