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Japanese scientists have built a home that uses solar power to power it with just a few hours’ worth of electricity.

The home, which is a collaboration between Osaka University and the Japanese research group Rokkaku, was built in cooperation with the Japanese government and built in a residential area of Osaka, Japan’s largest city.

The solar-powered building has been built on an area of 1,100 square meters (2,700 square feet) and is a part of the university’s Solar Energy Building Program (SEBP), a program to build sustainable homes and energy-saving technologies, according to the university.

Rokkakumari, a solar-energy-powered structure built from 3.2 megawatts of solar power, is made up of two separate buildings.

The first building is an office building with a solar panel array.

The second building is a residential building with solar panels.

The university says the solar panels on the building were made by Solar Power Technology Co., Ltd., a company that has made a number of successful solar projects for local government agencies and governments.

“We built a solar powered home using the solar energy, which can provide power for 1.5 hours of electricity per day,” said Rokukaku President Keizo Shimada.

“This is the first time a home has been constructed from renewable energy sources.”

The solar energy source that powers the home is a system of inverters.

The system, called a photovoltaic inverter, uses sunlight to generate electricity and converts it into electricity that is then used to drive a car, a television or other devices.

The solar-power system also has the ability to capture energy and store it for later use.

“The system uses solar energy for energy conversion and storage and solar energy can be stored for later uses, and we are planning to store solar energy as energy,” said Shimada in a press release.

“The photovolaic inverters have the ability of generating electricity at the cost of only 10 yen (about $1.20) per kilowatt-hour.”

The project, which the university says is part of a project to further the use of renewable energy, is part and parcel of the efforts of the SEBP, which includes the development of a new generation of solar-generating panels and a solar power plant for the city of Osaka.

Shimada said the project is part the Japanese Solar Energy Alliance, which has been launched by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

“A lot of things are happening in Japan, but Japan is not yet at the stage where it can develop a large scale commercial and industrial solar project,” said Tomoaki Kawamura, director of the University of Tokyo Center for Environmental Research and Development.

“Japan has had some difficulties with the solar industry in the past, but this is the largest solar-based project we have seen in the country.”

A number of projects have been completed in the Japanese solar industry, including one that was completed last year by Mitsubishi Electric Power (MEP), which also built a building for use as a solar farm.

The company says it is working to expand the capacity of its solar farm, which will be able to produce enough energy to power a million homes.

“It is important to build a commercial-scale solar plant in Japan because of the low cost and high reliability, but also because it is a good project to build an environment where sustainable development and economic development can take place,” said Kawamura in a news release.

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