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6 years ago 5:03:23 The world’s largest metropolis has an affordable housing crisis, as its population continues to grow.

It’s a reality that the new government has promised to address, but in many ways, the city still doesn’t seem to care.

It is a city where a single-family house is still the norm.

Indore has a population of more than 200 million people, but the population density is much lower than in Mumbai or London, according to a recent study by the Centre for Urban Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The population density in the city is less than that of Mumbai, Delhi or New York, according the study.

The study looked at a survey of more that 1,000 households from 25 cities across India, and found that only 15% of them had affordable housing.

The majority of those with affordable housing in the country were living in apartments, which are usually more expensive.

According to the study, a family of four living in a single apartment in Indores capital, Gurgaon, can expect to pay Rs 6,800 per month in rent and utilities for its apartment.

This is the second lowest in India.

For a family with two children, the monthly cost is Rs 9,600.

Indores average annual household income is about Rs 7,600, but it is far below that of Delhi or Mumbai.

According to the survey, nearly one-fifth of Indore’s households live in poverty, and over 40% of families have incomes of less than Rs 20,000 per month.

Indors is a large city with a lot of people, and many families live in large apartments, but for the average household, it is just not affordable.

“We’re talking about a city of over 200 million inhabitants, and one in three families live below the poverty line,” says Anil Gajapati, a resident of the city and a researcher at the Centre on Housing, Urban Development and Planning.

“There are also some people who are very affluent, and the gap is widening,” he adds.

Gajapatra believes that the government is trying to help the poor.

“They’re trying to make it more affordable for people, not less,” he says.

“And we need to make sure that we get the government to take action.”

According to Gajpati, there are a lot more problems than affordable housing for Indores population, as many people still live in overcrowded and under-utilised properties.

“The problem is not the number of affordable units.

The problem is that it’s not being addressed by the government,” he explains.

The city government is also not tackling the issue of low-income earners.

“There are some poor people in Indors.

There are a number of them.

But they’re not a large number.

The poverty rate in Indories is a bit over 30%.

That’s why they’re being overlooked,” he notes.

Gai Narayan, the director of the Centre, says there are problems with the affordability of housing in Indoring.

“In Mumbai and Delhi, you can afford to rent in a studio.

In Indores, the standard of living is very poor.

There’s a lot that’s lacking,” he tells Quartz.

Narayan also says that the city government needs to be more responsive to the people who live in affordable housing, and not just the wealthy.

“A lot of these poor people don’t have access to health care, they’re poor, they don’t go to work.

They can’t even afford to pay their taxes.

It needs to get a lot better,” he argues.”

I think that if the government starts looking at this issue from the standpoint of providing decent housing, they’ll see a lot different things.

They will also see that the problem is structural.

They’ll see that there’s a need for a real economic revival.

And it will be an opportunity to make Indore an attractive place to live,” he concludes.

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