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The city’s most beautiful suburbs may be attracting people with different backgrounds.article The number of foreign visitors to Canada has doubled in just three years, according to a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The data, from a survey of Canadians aged 18 and older released Tuesday, found that the number of tourists from other countries living in Canada more than doubled from a decade ago.

The number from Hong Kong jumped by nearly 50 per cent, while those from India jumped by almost 10 per cent.

Article Continued Belowarticle The rise is attributed to increased demand for accommodation, as well as an influx of people who have arrived with families, said Chris O’Donnell, an assistant professor of sociology at York University in Toronto.

He says the numbers are also higher among the older age groups who are less likely to be foreign-born.

“We’re seeing the older generation not being able to assimilate and have children who aren’t able to do it as well,” said O’Connor, whose study focuses on how immigrants have been able to stay in Canada.

He also notes that some of the influx of foreign residents is also affecting those who are not from Canada.

“They’re not as likely to speak English, they’re not very comfortable living in the city and they’re more likely to feel they don’t fit in with the mainstream,” he said.

“The more that we have to adjust our ways to accommodate people, the more difficult it is for them.”

The numbers also indicate that people are choosing to stay closer to home, he added.

“People are choosing less places to live in and less places in particular.”

While many foreign arrivals to Canada do not have permanent residency, there are a number of ways they can obtain that status.

In Ontario, a new program lets non-residents obtain a residence permit that can make them eligible for work permits.

And in Quebec, a bill introduced by the Parti Québécois government would give permanent residency to anyone who has lived in Canada for at least 10 years.

Canada also has a large network of community-based organizations and social service agencies.

In 2016, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reported that about two-thirds of Canadian households with children lived in a family home.

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